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We realize how important it is to keep clean not only your home but the vehicles you spend most part of your life in

          A favorite car or a boat may also get dirty. Every day they are exposed to dust, microbes, oils, etc. To feel protected in your own favorite car or boat it is necessary to do the full professional cleaning regularly.

          The “8 service” company provides cleaning services for boats and cars.

          The cleaning is carried out with professional equipment in several stages:

1) First we check the car or boat for stains, remove the decor and other attributes that can hide dirt and stains. Then we carry out careful vacuum treatment.

2) We use special professional brushes and cleaning agents. We process and remove all the stubborn stains. Simultaneously, we clean carpets using deep cleaning methods and high temperature pressure. Thanks to all these components your vehicle looks and smells better than a new one.

          We also clean all the hard surfaces inside vehicles that can absorb as much dirt and oil as the upholstery of a vehicle.

          You can also add a final step to the cleaning of your boat – applying a protective agent that will extend the life of the cleaned surfaces. And also apply deodorizing, so that your boat would exude a pleasant fragrance of freshness and cleanliness for a long time. 

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