emergency water damage 24/7

Unforeseen situations, accidents, flooding, sometimes happen. The sewage or a water supply pipe broke through or your neighbors from upstairs flooded you. What to do in such situations?

First of all not to panic and immediately call the emergency services to eliminate the accident!

All consequences after flooding can be eliminated in a very short time.

The company “8 services” works 24/7. We come to you urgently, within 20 minutes after your call, and proceed to eliminate the consequences of flooding.

The procedure eliminates flood consequences in three stages:

First we completely remove water. Before that it is not possible to assess the extent of damage to the house. After removing the water we proceed to the process of drying and antibacterial treatment of the premises. This helps to make sure you will live safely in your home, and also prevents the formation of fungi and microbes.

The next and final step is the restoration of housing in a state that is safe for further residence.

Turning to our company “8 services” you are guaranteed that we will do everything to help you eliminate all the adverse consequences after the accident that has happened to your home. We’ll do our work qualitatively, professionally and quickly so that you could get back to your usual life as soon as possible. So the accident will be just a reason to clean up

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