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How long does the cleaning procedure take?

Due to our high competency and the experience we have gained over the years every movement of our employees is honed and perfect. We understand that time is money and we save it for you. That’s why the employees of “8 services” are greatly focused on the excellent result. The time of work directly depends on the amount of work. On average it takes from 1 hour to 3 hours.


Depending on your order we can arrive at a pre-arranged time. In case of emergency, we can arrive within 20 minutes 24/7.

Depending on the surface and the fabric of your furniture we will choose a special cleaning composition. We will choose the most suitable cleaning option for your case. We will completely remove wine stains, greasy stains, traces from pets’ excretions. And the only thing you’ve got to do is to enjoy the cleanness and freshness of your furniture!

The cost of services depends on the selected works and their volume. You can find out about the cost of works in the Price section. You can also place an order yourself in the Order Online section. In addition, you can find out the cost by simply calling us or by leaving a request in the form of feedback on our website in the Contacts section.

Sure, there are! If this is your first time you’ve contacted us for a service, we’ll give you a 10% discount. If you order a large amount of work, of course we will offer you an individual discount!

Yes, sure, you can, in the online order section after the order is formed, you can pay it online. Also you can pay for the services by a card, after we have completed your order.

We work daily from 8am to 8pm. But in case of urgent need, as well as to eliminate the consequences of flooding or in other urgent situations, we accept orders 24/7, and we can arrive within 20 minutes after we’ve received your application.

Yes, sure. “8 services” work both with private customers and with companies of any form of ownership. We’ve been providing services to businesses for a long time and we do it professionally.

The company “8 services” has provided for any options of ordering services that are convenient for you. You can estimate the scope of works and services yourself, choose the date and time convenient for you, select products, and pay for the order on our website following the link – order online. You can also place an order by calling us at the phone number ___ at any time convenient for you. In the feedback section, you can leave your request and we will contact you by phone to discuss the scope of work, or we will respond to you by e-mail, if this type of communication is more convenient for you.

On average, the procedure of cleaning carpets takes from 1 to 3 hours of work, depending on the volume of work. If there is just one carpet in one room, then it takes 1 -1.5 hours.

Yes, the traces of blood on the carpet can be completely removed, no matter how long they’ve been there. We use for that purpose special cleaning agents. After we’ve finished the job, you will forget that once you had them.

No doubt it is! After our professional cleaning, the smell from pets is completely removed. If the smell isn’t removed, we simply won’t charge you for the work done. (there haven’t been such cases yet).

We apply our professional equipment and it, with the help of Vacuum and special cleaning agents, completely cleans and absorbs all the dirt that gathered inside the duct system in your home. It is processed by special steam and also by antifungal agents. The entire procedure takes from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

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