mattrasses & upholstery cleaning

The items of your interior are often contaminated, much more often than flooring and other surfaces. Sofas, mattresses, favorite armchairs – all these quickly wear out and get dirty. Thanks to the professional cleaning the “8 services” team you can keep your furniture ideally clean for a long time and extend the period of its use.

As well as to protect carpets in order to take care of your furniture and mattresses you should finish the cleaning with the same final stage – protection. Thanks to our modern protective equipment applied after professional cleaning you will extend the service life of your furniture or mattresses. Special agents applied to the surface create a protective layer that is a kind of shield against new spots, sun rays and wear.



So that your furniture would not only look like new one, but also exude a pleasant fragrance of novelty and freshness, we recommend using deodorizing at the final stage of cleaning. A special professional deodorizing agent applied after cleaning will extend the effect of cleanness of your furniture to a longer period of time.

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