stains removal

Can we really remove all kinds of stains?

          Let’s say 99% of stains are permanently removed. The process of removing stains depends on many things. Some spots, depending on how long ago they appeared, also on the composition of the stain, may not be amenable to cleaning, or may only be partially removed. We make every effort to solve the task and eliminate the stains by 100%!

          Thanks to our system and the 5 steps of deep cleaning, plus an individual approach, we will remove even the most stubborn stains.


Ink ⊗ 

Grease ⊗ 

Fruit Drinks ⊗

Urine ⊗

Kool-Aid ⊗

⊗ Wax

⊗ Paint

⊗ Red Wine

⊗ Blood

⊗ Rust

          Removing stubborn stains and blood spots. We can assure you that there are no such stains we can’t cope with. Every stain like every customer needs an individual approach. We find the approach both to customers and stains. The secret is simple – our competence plus the cleaning agents we work with.

          Removing excreta after pets. Any lucky owner of a lovely pet sometimes encounters the problem of removing traces from the carpet after the excretions of their pets. We assure you that the “8 service” team we’ll sort it out! Stubborn stains and smell will be completely removed from the surface of your carpet. Love your pets, and as for the cleanness of your carpets – let us take care of that.

          After removed some stains that your furniture ore carpet would not only look like new one, but also exude a pleasant fragrance of novelty and freshness, we recommend using deodorizing at the final stage of cleaning. A special professional deodorizing agent applied after cleaning will extend the effect of cleanness to a longer period of time.

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